Welcome to the world of Movida Records....


this is our new domain and we are proud to present you our nice little label.

The label is founded in 2009 by Michael Peter and Siggi Schulz and is based in Frankfurt / Offenbach and in Mannheim (Germany).


Movida is the Spanish word for ”moving” and we really want to move something new with that label.

After a couple of years working in and for the music-biz we thought NOW is the time for more good music from good artists. We choose some tracks from very good friends of us and also stuff from brandnew artists which we really love.

The music on Movida Records will be open-minded but still music 4 the dancefloor. From dub to tech-house, from house to techno you will find everything on this label and we really hope you will like that stuff like we do!  

We work with love and full energy on this label to bring you our music on Vinyl and MP3.

Just check our webpages on Facebook or just follow us on Twitter or Soundcloud or anywhere else. For that just click on "Join us on..." and you will find the direct links to the pages.


Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions or feedback for us and also for sending us some demos if you think you have good music for our label.


All the best and much respect for all music lovers and Movida Records friends worldwide.


We really love you  ;)




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