Booking request for a Movida Records Labelshowcase with  Basti Grub - Live + Michael Peter



Born 1983 in a small town near Frankfurt, Basti grew up in an idyllic family oasis. Thelittle hero realized very fast that he seemed to be different than other kids. While the others were building sandcastles, Basti put on headphones and listened to groovin' Reggae tracks on his father’s stereo system. Soon he started changing the sounds with the EQ's.


He discovered his love to music and as well he started to "structure the heights". The German translation for that is a new word called "Hoehenregler", which became the name of his own label that he created in 2007.


But back to the early days – at the age of 14 his dream came true as he received a present for his birthday - an MC303 from Roland. From that day on he worked day and night to implement his minds in sounds and music. Electronic music was a main part of his life and it did not take him long to spin the records on his own two turntables.


Clubs like the famous Stammheim, the legendary Omen, the U60311 and also the amazing Robert Johnson  influenced and inspired the young musician.


In 2005 he was a co-founder of the "Electronic headache / Massive frequent parties" and organized a lot of successful events around the, German called, "Wetteraukreis" (which is a bigger part of Hessen, near Frankfurt). Locations were clubs like "Studio 54" or "Club 50".


With his success as a DJ and the knowledge about music Basti never stopped working on new productions with his constantly growing studio equipment.


Through his mentor and friend Brian Sanhaji he learned how to implement his ideas to a homogenous mixture of groovin' minimal techno and African vocals, swingsounds, various ethnologic influences and the typical "Grub-estique" drums to consolidate an essential style.


The next chapter of his life started in 2007 when he founded his own label called "Hoehenregler" and only a few months later he established a sublabel called "Geregelt" (German word for settled). "Hoehenregler"  for Club releases with that typical playful "african sound" and "Geregelt"  for his passion to swing music - combined with clubsounds.


In the beginning he managed to distribute the label himself, but with 3 Discomania was assigned for further distribution. From that time on worldwide sales grew rapidly. Also he received glory and honor when Ricardo and Luciano played some of his tracks. Suddenly his name became well known all over the world.


In 2008 he founded a new label (together with his friend Mirco Veitengruber) called "Merk es dir" (Translation : Keep it in mind !) and created a new project for his "Grub - commune".


In 2009, after several releases on different labels and compilations (like the famous "Bodylanguage" series on Get Physical), he released his first artist album called "Dschungelorchester" which is soaked with the whole spectrum of that Grub-esque variety.


Finally we can reveal that Basti is now working with heart and soul on a new Album, but it’s still “top secret”! He will surprise us again - Definitely !