Matt Star & Michael Peter - Sexuality (Movida010-6-Ltd)

Matt Star - Aggronaut (Movida010-5)


Matt Star - Acidisback (Movida010-5)  

Matt Star & Michael Peter - La Movida / Wigbert Edit (Movida010-3-Ltd)

Matt Star & Michael Peter - La Movida / Dub Edit (Movida010-3-Ltd)

Matt Star & Michael Peter - La Movida (Movida010-3)

Matt Star & Wigbert - Cube (Movida009)

Matt Star & Wigbert - Cube / Dorian Paic's snareway to heaven Remix (Movida009)

Matt Star - Universum (Movida009)

Matt Star - Universum / Dub Interpretation (Movida009)

Matt Star - Don't you... (Movida009)

Robag Wruhme - Lampetee / Matt Star Edit (Movida001)




Born 1987 in Offenbach. Fall in love with electronic and Techno Music in 1995 (with 8 years) as he listen to a set from Sven Väth at the Radio from an Big Event called "Hessentag". In 1999, when he was only 12 years old, he started to contribute actively and played at various parties at that time rather at private and illegal ones. He made his first musical attempts using a Play Station. While his mates were playing Super Mario and Pac Man, he tried to get crazy sounds out of the console and he was quite successful at it. 1 year later he began to produce his first tracks on his computer.


In 2006 he released his first record "The art of M" on Weave Music. And just at its predecessor "Anin", the records were played by many well-known Djs.


In 2008 he delivered Cocoon Recordings a Track for the Compilation H, also he released his first 3xLp "Art Of M" on Int.Freakshow. The Follow-up Remix Ep with Matt's Track "Kühle Fliege" remixed by Hugo & Jonas Kopp was one of the most played minimal techno tracks in 2008. All The Big Dj's around the World supported it...

At the end of 2008 he founded his first own Label Mainakustik, which is allready wellknown and loved for its unique cover designs. Matt Star describes his musical style as follows: „Everything I like or Microphunk“. He plays everything from Ambient,Trip Hop and Minimal stuff to rather groovy House to funky Techno and everything he likes, depending on the mood. But in the clubs he mostly goes ahead in a pretty strict and determined way: "it´s got to make people dance! it has to be groovy!"


Up to now, Matt has already released a couple of records (see discography) He is also in high demand as a remix artist and is always busy creating new, amazing interpretations for his colleagues. There is a lot more to come!




Rave Dub (International Freakshow, 2010)

Untergründiges Murmeln und Schnattern w/Tony Rohr (Weave Music, 2009)

Frequencies in my head Remixes w/Martinez Remix (Crazy Labworks, 2009)

Check the sun EP (Hypercolour. 2009)

Morgenstimmung (Mainakustik, 2008)

Am i dreaming (Cocoon Recordings – Compilation H, 2008)

Kuehle Fliege Remixes w/Hugo Remix (International Freakshow, 2008)

Hypno Remixes w/Heartthrob & Franco Cinelli Remixes (International Freakshow, 2008)

Beladin (Mainrecords Ltd, 2008)

Art of M Album - 3xLP (International Freakshow, 2008)

The Art of M Remixes w/Domink Eulberg & Franco Cinelli Remixes (Weave Music, 2007)

Sternfeenwald (Mainrecords Ltd., 2007)

Anin (International Frekshow, 2007)

Art of M (Weave Music, 2006)

Remixes (only to name a few)


Technasia "Force" w/ Michael Peter (Technasia, 2010)

Alex Bau "Sherpa" (Credo, 2010)

Baby Ford “Messenger” - Matt Star Rmx (Sender, 2009)

Robag Wruhme “Lampetee” – Matt Star Edit (Movida Records. 2009)

Fresh Fried “Instant soup” – Matt Star Rmx (Level Non Zero, 2008)

Moritz Piske “Slipless” – Matt Star Rmx (Opposum, 2008)

Lee van Dowski “The last bounce” - Matt Star Rmx (Num Rec., 2007)