Movida Records "La Compilación - Parte 1"


A1 : Franco Cinelli - Galxy funk

A2 : BODJ - Tea party

B1 : A & M - Hype

B2: Emmanuel Gerez - Looking my ways 


Digital bonus track : BODJ - Ride the mood swing







Release Date : November 2012 


Style : House / Detroit / Deep House / Tech House / Techno


Supported by : Âme, Loco Dice, Reboot, Raresh, Dufire, Andre Galuzzi, Brothers Vibe, Marco Resmann, John Tejada, Shinedoe, Sascha Dive, Tim Green, Gel Abril, Meat, Chris Wood, Matt Star, Wigbert, Franksen, Stefan Sieber, Mozaic, Denite 


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